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Move with the Change! We provide you best guaranteed Stainless Steel/ Glass fabrications for all your interior and exterior needs. Explore the new world with TECHNO STEEL!!

Creative Designers

Our well trained creative designers can gives you wonderful fascinating designs as per your taste.

Quality Projects

We ensure you the best quality designs available in the market. We provide guaranteed services and move to any extend to ensure the quality of works we do. “We never negotiate on quality”.

Free Consultation

Need to know more on our designs and pricing? Contact us for the best designs and price. Consultation is always free. Get a free quote now!!

Services We Do

We are the best Interior designer .

Residential Design

We provide you ultra modern designs for your home. Steel and glass handrails, Glass roofing and partitions, Gates, furniture and much more!!

Commercial Design

Glass doors, wall claddings, handrails, roofing and much more !! You can experience it yourselves from our wide range of previous works.

Corporate Design

Glass partitions and cubicles, doors, customized personal designs.

Restaurant Design

Furniture, kitchen utensils and tables, partitions. Make your restaurant feel better, work more comfortably in the customized modern environment.